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Are you ready to take your fantasy football game to the next level? The SFS All-Access Pass is here to help. This comprehensive package includes every single piece of fantasy football content and advice available on our website, giving you access to all of our exclusive material.

Whether you’re looking for in-depth analysis of the top players at each position, sleepers and busts to target or avoid, or advice on how to make smart trades and pickups, the All-Access Pass has you covered. We’ll provide you with all the tools you need to succeed in your fantasy football league, from draft day to the league championship.

But what sets the All-Access Pass apart from our other offerings? It’s simple – it gives you access to everything we have to offer at a discounted rate. No need to worry about missing out on valuable content or advice – with the All-Access Pass, you’ll have it all at your fingertips.

Our expert fantasy football analyst has years of experience playing and analyzing fantasy football, and they’re dedicated to helping you succeed. They’ll provide you with timely and accurate recommendations on which players to start, sit, or pick up off the waiver wire with the SFS Gold perk which is included in this Guide. We’ll also keep you updated on injuries, weather conditions, and other factors that could impact your lineup decisions. And if you have any specific questions or concerns, our analyst is just a message away on the community Discord server (Details sent via email upon purchase) – you’ll never be left in the dark.

In addition to our weekly analysis, the All-Access Pass includes access to our exclusive rankings. These rankings are updated on a regular basis and take into account a wide range of factors, including past performance, projected stats, and team situation. Our rankings are a valuable resource for making informed decisions about which players to target in your draft, or which ones to trade for or pick up off the waiver wire.

So if you’re ready to take your fantasy football game to the next level, the SFS All-Access Pass is the ultimate choice. With access to all of our exclusive content and advice, you’ll have the tools you need to succeed in your league from start to finish. Don’t miss out on this opportunity – get your All-Access Pass today!


All 4 Draft Guides in 1 bundle 

  • Guide 1: The 2023 Draft Guide


  • Part 1: Top 250 Rankings

    • Rankings are provided for both 1QB formats and SuperFlex leagues. Rankings are frequently updated on a weekly basis or when significant events take place in the NFL world, prompting the need for updated content and rankings.
  • Part 2: 2023 Positional Rankings

    • In addition to the big board rankings, position groups will be separately ranked to provide another approach to the player evaluation process, and illustrate another piece of fantasy football context.
  • Part 3: 2023 Fantasy Football Sleepers

    • Fantasy Football Sleepers that are flying under the radar will be highlighted in position specific groups. These are players that have discounted ADP (Average Draft Position) and our analysis indicates that they may significantly outproduce these ADP expectations. 
  • Part 4: 2023 Fantasy Football Busts

    • Fantasy Football Busts are players that are being overvalued by their ADP. These are players who our analysis indicates should be selected at later stages of the draft than they typically are, and contain an inherent amount of risk when selecting at these positions. We will prep you with all the information needed to weigh the risk of picking one of these players on draft day.
  • Part 5: 2023 Must Own Fantasy Football Players

    • Must Own Fantasy Football Players are the most desirable players in each round of the draft. In this draft guide, we will provide the names of each of our favorite targets in each of the first 20 rounds of your draft.
  • Part 6: 2023 Specific Draft Articles

    • Exclusive articles covering 2023 Fantasy Football related content will be accessible to Draft Guide owners. 
  • Part 7: Draft Day Cheat Sheet PDF

    • The Draft Day Cheat Sheet is a printable PDF file of the big board rankings. This PDF has a notes section, and is designed to aid fantasy players on their biggest singular day of the year. 
  • Guide 2: The 2023 Dynasty Guide


  • Part 1: Dynasty Positional Rankings

    • Separated position specific rankings will be used to provide content behind these dynasty rankings. These positional rankings provide a different format of organization that can be used for valuing players on the open market, even after the start-up draft has been completed.
  • Part 2: Dynasty Start-Up Rankings

    • Top 250 Big Board Rankings will be provided for both 1QB and SuperFlex start-up formats. After the NFL Draft, Rookie players will be added to the big boards. 
  • Part 3: 250 Player Profiles

    • 250 Player Profiles (Including Rookies) will be provided to assess all of the most important information in a player’s short and long term fantasy football outlook. These profiles include: age, draft capital, combine info, pros & cons, trade values, contract info, and injury history.
  • Part 4: Dynasty Trade Values

    • A five star system will be incorporated into each player’s deep dive profile to assess relative trade stock. For quarterbacks, the value assessed will reflect SuperFlex value. 
  • Part 5: The 2023 Rookie Report

    • The entire rookie report is included in this larger form of the 2023 Dynasty Guide. Each portion of this guide is accessible to Dynasty Guide owners. 
  • Part 6: Exclusive Dynasty Articles

    • Exclusive articles related to 2023 Dynasty Fantasy Football leagues will be made accessible throughout the 2023 offseason. 
  • Guide 3: The 2023 Rookie Report


  • Part 1: Rookie Big Board Rankings

    • Top 40 Rankings for 1QB formats. These rankings will be helpful for players as they prepare their rookie draft strategy.
  • Part 2: Rookie SuperFlex Big Board Rankings

    • An additional top 40 Rankings sheet for SuperFlex formats. These rankings will be adjusted to illustrate the larger emphasis on the quarterback position.
  • Part 3: Rookie Positional Rankings

    • Each position group will be split up amongst themselves to show how they are valued amongst their peers from the perspective of our fantasy football analysis. 
  • Part 4: 40+ Rookie Evaluation Profiles

    • Our top 40, and all other relevant rookie players will receive in-depth breakdowns of their long term fantasy football outlook. These profiles include: age, draft capital, combine info, strengths & weaknesses, contract info, and injury history. 
  • Part 5: Exclusive Rookie Articles

    • Exclusive content related to the 2023 NFL Draft Class will be published throughout the 2023 offseason. Rookie Report and Dynasty Guide owners will gain immediate access to this content. 
  • Guide 4: SFS Gold (Entire Season, no extra payments necessary)


  • Part 1: In-Season Weekly Positional Rankings

      • Top 32 QBs, top 48 RBs & WRs, top 24 TEs, and top 32 defensive rankings will be posted to the site prior to kickoff of each week’s first NFL game. These rankings will be updated as injury and situational news comes to light throughout the week .
  • Part 2: Rest of Season Rankings Updates

      • Every other week, we will update our rest of season rankings to illustrate our player values as the season progresses. These rankings will take team situations, prior season production, and remaining schedule in the evaluation process.
  • Part 3: Exclusive 1-on-1 Lineup Advice

    • DM Access on our community Discord server. After successful payment confirmation, I will email the account that was used to purchase SFS Gold, and provide an invite to the Discord, as well as instructions regarding how to reach me whenever fantasy questions arrive. Be sure to check in each week before your team begins playing to get your lineup set! Please be sure to have all questions asked and answered in a timely fashion on game day. Last minute questions may not be addressed in-time to receive a response.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the All-Access Pass include question and answer fulfillment during the season?

Yes! All-Access pass members have access to SFS Gold members privileges which includes access to guaranteed in-season Q&A responses as long as their membership is active.

Is there anything that isn’t included in the All-Access Pass?

No! Every piece of paid Fantasy Football content on the SFS website is unlocked and accessible to those who sign up for this membership. 

How often is this product updated?

All Draft Guide and In-Season products are constantly undergoing updates to ensure they have the latest and most up to date information. Everytime something relevant happens in the NFL world, we’ll be sure to reflect that updated situation in our analysis!

What is a Fantasy Football Draft Guide?

A fantasy football draft guide is a resource that can assist you in preparing for your fantasy football draft. It often includes rankings of players at various positions, as well as information and analysis on the players. Some draft guides also include cheat sheets that allow you to quickly identify the top available players at each position as you make your selections. Additionally, many draft guides provide strategies and advice for conducting a successful draft. Some draft guides can be found online at no cost, while others may be available for purchase in print or digital format.

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