10 Tips to DOMINATE YOUR 2023 Fantasy Football Leagues

In this article, we’ll be covering some simple and actionable fantasy football tips that can contribute to championship winning teams in 2023. Read more to see our 10 latest secrets to apply to your strategy this season.

Forget 2022 Fantasy Football

2023 is a new year… This is less of a fantasy football tip, and more of a year-to-year essential. The disappointment that you felt with certain players a season ago cannot be heavily factored into your evaluation of their fantasy value THIS season. Situations change. Freak accidents and injuries happen. Good players are suppressed in toxic environments (Think Najee Harris, D’Andre Swift, Jerry Jeudy etc.). Keep an open mind and assess any new dynamics in a player’s outlook. 

Drafting the BEST Player Available is Often Better Than Checking Boxes on Your Roster 

A basic, but reliable draft day tip. Box checking is most commonly a rookie mistake but even seasoned fantasy vets can find themselves caught up in filling their starting lineup. The best player available strategy is most common in Dynasty draft formats; however, it has its merits in redraft. Trades and roster evaluation can always take place after the draft! Equip yourself with the best roster assets that you can before exiting the draft, and use the 8 weeks before the trade deadline as a relentless roster building journey towards your title.

RBs Don’t NEED To Be The Core of Teams This Season

RBs are easily the most scarce position in 1QB fantasy leagues, but if 2022 proved anything, its that the “deadzone” for RBs, can actually produce some high end players (Josh Jacobs, Miles Sanders etc.). Additionally, fantasy managers that spent high first round selections on Justin Jefferson or rounded out round 1 with either Stefon Diggs or Tyreek Hill were heavily rewarded with elite weekly upside.

Find the Balance Between Ceiling & Floor Value

 Playing it safe doesn’t win fantasy championships, but neither does laying it all on the line for upside. Best Ball formats require above average levels of upside (code “SFS” on Underdog for a FREE 2023 Draft Guide) but for the more traditional season-long leagues, there needs to be a balance present. Your team needs weekly staples that you can count on to produce through hell or high-water. A consistency king if you will. This type of player could be very difficult to find in 2022, but think of the difference in floor between Travis Kelce and the rest of the tight end crop… Finding value in this type of player who saw their ADP fall last summer (wtf was the community thinking) has league winning potential. 

Differentiate Between Good Talent & Good Situations 

This goes back to a previous point, but don’t overlook non-elite talent in a juicy fantasy situation. My favorite examples of this from recent memory are Jared Goff with a loaded WR core and elite offensive line in 2022. With an elite supporting cast to lean on, Goff got back to his previous levels of efficiency that he last saw as an LA Ram. Identifying these opportunities is one of the most valuable traits that a fantasy football player can have. 

Target QB & WR Stacks 

Stacking can be one of the most effective and overlooked strategies in all formats of fantasy football. Finding the right stack can be so wildly productive in-fact, it has league winning production if done at a high level. To go back to Jared Goff, simply pairing him as a late round QB2 along with his 6th round ADP top WR, Amon-Ra St. Brown could have changed your team’s fate in 2022. 

Draft Rookies 

 I cannot tell you how insanely important this is! Fantasy football is all about finding overlooked players and drafting them at a discounted price and reaping the rewards of your decision. There are no players easier to do this with than rookies! The primary reason that these players are overlooked is simply because we haven’t yet seen them play in an NFL jersey, but this doesn’t mean that they can’t become stars on day 1. Last year Garrett Wilson, Breece Hall, Kenneth Walker, and Dameon Pierce were all players who found significant levels of fantasy football success their rookie season. If you can find the right rookie, at the right spot on the draft board, you may just find yourself in championship contention. Check out our 2023 Rookie Report for more in-depth info on this year’s class.

Only Handcuff your RB1 

This is a simple one. Don’t waste multiple draft picks on selecting reserve RBs for your lineup. If it makes you sleep better at night, or your lead RB has a recent injury history, then feel free to snatch up his backup. But aside from that, invest into other players who have legitimate lineup value on their teams regardless if the starter or another player on the field becomes injured. Drafting these players instead of blowing a pick on multiple handcuffs could coincidentally be a league winning pick. 

Move Off a Player Too Early, Never Too Late 

What I’m trying to do here is prevent you from championing yourself as a draft day wizard Week 1. If the guy you drafted in the 17th round goes crazy and scores 3x his projection, take a deeper look into the situation. Don’t just look at the box score, but rewatch important clips of the game and develop an understanding of how and why they scored so many points. If you’re brutally honest with yourself, you’ll likely determine that this level of success and production is not sustainable for this player. Trust your gut and the draft process. Sometimes there is a reason that those players are drafted so late. Who knows, maybe you found yourself the sleeper of the year, but if the performance seems flukey, SELL HIGH and find a better long term lineup piece to build around for the rest of the year.

Team Building Doesn’t End Until The Championship Is Secured 

My final secret for you this fine trip around the sun as we progress towards 2023 NFL Football, is to never get comfortable. Makes sense right? This is a behavior that all true champions practice. No matter how good you are, no matter how much you love your team to the very last player on your roster, DO NOT get complacent. Complacency in fantasy football means you don’t entertain trade offers from other teams, you stop checking the weekly waiver wire etc. Team building is a never ending process until the very last minute of your team’s fantasy season has been played. You never know what the open market has to offer, so I encourage you to relentlessly pursue advantageous trades, investigate waiver wire sleepers, and continuously challenge your thought process. And remember, I’m always here to help give you more fantasy football tips along the way!

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